Best Cell Phone for Travelers

As they say, different strokes for different folks. If there arephones fit for kids and businesspersons, then definitely there are phones for worldwide travelers. So whether you are driving across the countryside, backpacking in the Alps, or swimming into the virgin beaches of Thailand, there is a phone that you can always tuck in with you.

The Nokia E-65 is a businessman-traveler favorite. It features a very slim sliding phone but filled with a number of key features. It allows you to access several business functions conveniently and fast with the help of one-touch keys. You can read your contacts and set up conference calls even when you are on the road. If your hands are busy driving, you can take advantage of the phone's integrated speaker phone and hands-free command and voice dialing options. It does not take you numerous presses when it comes to accessing your favorite features. Just customize the My Own key. You can also check your e-mail if you are so far from your PC. The phone is capable of reading and sending e-mail messages in different platforms. It can also view attachments from typical Office applications, like Word and Excel. You can also call via VOIP through WLAN, which proves to be very cost efficient.

The Samsung SCH-i730, meanwhile, features a slider design, paired with a face that you can open to reveal its QWERTY keyboard. It is equipped with next-generation broadband download speed, WiFi, and Bluetooth connection. The operating system of Microsoft comes together with Pocket Outlook that you can sync to your computer and can support Blackberry email. You also get a Pocket Excel and Outlook so it is like bringing your basic PC applications wherever you are. You can play your MP3s with its Windows Media Player. If you like to while away time, especially when you are in the plane or in the boat, why do not you amuse yourself with TVs and videos from VCAST?

Then there are international phones available for you from TMIWireless. These are perfect for any world traveler or if you need to use a phone when you are not in a US state. They are all of dual-band capabilities and may be used in selected countries all over the world when you add an extra international calling feature in your plan. You can simply contact your wireless carrier once you receive the phone and inquire about their calling plans for overseas phones. In countless cases, you can add this feature to your phone plan after one or two months that you are traveling.

Any phone can also be fit to call internationally if you can sign up for a plan from Network Smarter. They provide you long distance packages at flat rate. They can also serve a variety of people and wide range of businesses through its multiple dialers. There are no other hidden costs but only affordable monthly charges.

So make it a habit to pack your phone along with your clothes and other accessories when you are about to venture into your next trip.

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