Best Cell Phone for Travelers

As they say, different strokes for different folks. If there arephones fit for kids and businesspersons, then definitely there are phones for worldwide travelers. So whether you are driving across the countryside, backpacking in the Alps, or swimming into the virgin beaches of Thailand, there is a phone that you can always tuck in with read more »

Tamper-Evident Technology Bringing Back Some of Air Travel’s Enjoyment

Anyone who has boarded a plane post 9/11 has experienced first hand the frustration of enhanced airport security measures. And the restrictions keep on coming with bans and limits on liquids being one of the latest aviation headaches to hit travelers. Is there any way to bring back the fun and enjoyment of flying? Manufacturers read more »

Top Money Saving Tips And Tricks While Traveling

Your holiday confirmation email appears, launching your heart into a chorus of joyful emotions. Suddenly, taking carefree walks on the beach and shopping for fantastic bargains enters your imagination. Make the most of your holiday experience with my saving tips and tricks. Exchange Currencies Before You Go On Holiday Converting your currencies before traveling will read more »

Traveler's Diarrhea – How Do You Treat It?

Traveler's diarrhea or TD occurs when a traveler has three or more unformed stools in 24 hours. This is accompanied by abdominal cramps, bloating and nausea. Escherichia coli is common in people suffering from TD. This could be due to contaminated food and water consumption. Travelers often suffer from this TD as they are not read more »

Is Travel Insurance Necessary When Traveling Abroad?

For some of us planning a trip involves a lot of time, effort and sacrifice. It means cutting back in expenses, saving, and making adjustments just to be able to give ourselves 5 days of pampering at the beach. All this can go down the drain if even the slightest detail goes wrong. This is read more »

Safe Vacations – Travelers Beware for Possible Cons

It can be very enjoyable to go traveling both in country and abroad but you should be alert for possible cons while traveling on vacation. There are many types of cons to be on the lookout for and you can never know what direction they are going to come from. Con Artists are very clever read more »

Things Travelers Should Know Before Purchasing Carry-on Luggage

Almost all travelers have at one time have bought cheap travel luggage that literally falls apart after only a few years of travel and vacations. Most times in life you only get what you pay for, so it usually makes sense to invest in a more expensive, but extremely durable set of luggage. In the read more »

Booking Travel Online Vs Travel Agents

This topic is a hot one. My previous job was as a travel consultant for one of the largest travel consulting agencies in the world and I have traveled to over 22 countries in the past 8 years, and have booked travel using every method possible. The truth is, it really depends on how much read more »

Airline and Vacation Travel Tips – Ultimate Travel Checklist

Do you use a travel checklist? If not, then this scenario probably sounds familiar. You're halfway to the airport and realize you forgot something you need for your trip. Sometimes it's nothing important, or just something you can pick up in the airport or hotel gift shop, but sometimes it's a very important item like read more »

Travel & Make Money – Successful Travel Blogging Strategies

Why do we seek to make more money? I’ll tell you why, because money buys freedom. Freedom to go where we want. Do what we want; when we want. If you are like me, you love to travel. You’ve got wanderlust and you got it bad. Simply put: Money finances our wanderlust and traveling makes read more »