Safe Vacations – Travelers Beware for Possible Cons

It can be very enjoyable to go traveling both in country and abroad but you should be alert for possible cons while traveling on vacation. There are many types of cons to be on the lookout for and you can never know what direction they are going to come from.

Con Artists are very clever and one of their prime targets is the uninformed traveler. When you visit someplace you have never been to before take the time to research and learn a little bit about the place you are headed. You can easily find information on town and city layouts, crime rates and the types of restaurants and services available online or by making a few well placed phone calls. A Con Artist may offer to help you find information on places or help to secure you a hotel reservation or place to stay at a much cheaper cost, but will really take your money and leave you lost and confused. There are some people who actually supply these services to travelers but their methods may be under the table, quasi illegal or down right against the law. You could get in trouble if they are caught or you may even be tricked by undercover police officers pretending to offer such services.

You can take some simple steps avoid being taken by a con artist. Travel in groups or with another person. There is safety in numbers and con artists are less likely to go after a herd of tourists. If someone does approach your or your fellow travelers tell them 'no thanks,' in a firm tone of voice. If they persist and even begin to follow you remain firm, threaten to call the authorities. If you've done your research you should have seen at least a few photos of the type of clothing people wear in the place you are about to visit. Take note of this when packing. For example the French, especially Parisians wear dark and muted colors and they only smile at people they know, friends and family. If you take clothing that is similar to the style and do your best to adopt the social attitude of those you are traveling among you are less likely to stand out as a tourist. There may not be much you can do about the language barrier, but from a distance you will not look as much a foreigner and therefore an easy mark.

Source by Gail Leino

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