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Leadership Communications With Purpose

Empowering vision-driven leaders to create impactful change

The world is an awesome place.

Your thought leadership can be a catalyst to inspire awe and motivate the communities you serve.


Bigger impact— not just a bigger office

What's your legacy?
How are you
different from the last leadership?
How will you express your
vision for the organization?

Get ready to leave a lasting positive legacy as you grow into your next role.

Build Trust






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Meet  Whitney

For over 20 years, I've collaborated with visionaries and change-makers who aspire to make a positive difference in our world.

I'm all about visionary thinking, so I work with senior leaders to  express the big ideas that will get them to their next role.

My problem-solving approach meets clients where they are, tackling challenges head-on. Whether I’m working with non- or for-profits, I provide a wealth of experience, guiding each client on a transformative journey that ignites their commitment to the work.

I see possibilities with you, for you.

"We engaged Whitney to prepare key leaders as they transitioned into new roles and gained greater visibility with employees, our investors, and board. She also played an intrinsic role in helping us shape our sustainability story as it played out across multiple communications channels. Not only is Whitney insightful and creative, she’s also someone who our teams respond well to and enjoy working with."

- Duncan Gillis, CEO, BBB Industries


Taking you through the steps needed to make a lasting positive impact on the people who will activate your vision

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with the organization's goals

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your thought leadership platform

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Prep for appearances that matter

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Share your vision with the world

It  starts with:

360VIEW™ Audit & Analysis:
(Values, Interests, Experience, Wishes)

A proven proprietary process to find the thought leadership platform that aligns with you, your organization, and the audiences you need to reach.

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The 360VIEW™


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"Whitney’s offsite planning sessions are like mini-vacations where we talk, laugh, and play, then realize we’ve been working the whole time.
She never fails to help us achieve real insights, inspired ideas, and an actionable plan at the end. That’s why we keep going back."

- Kathryn Grandy, CMO, PVM Cosmic Crisp

Ready to make an impact?

Let's explore what's possible.

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