In fourth grade, I announced to my family my intention to be a writer.


In a family of attorneys, that’s like saying you want to tap dance on Broadway. A sure road to a steady diet of Top Ramen.


Little did my family anticipate how my writing skills and knack for talking to anyone and anything would take me to California as a public relations and communications specialist – messaging and positioning for category creators and writing keynotes, handling media, and at times, being on camera as a spokesperson.


Honing these skills came through working with entertainment, news and technology innovators like Apple, CNN, K&B Builders, Discovery Channel, and numerous start-ups that were acquired or went the IPO route.

The speaker coaching came in unexpectedly.

During a corporate stint, where the PR team was put through speaker training, I received a tap on the shoulder that would be a life-changer. “Would I like to be a trainer?” My “yes” turned into a life calling to bring out the most authentic best in every person and support them in a developing purpose-driven story.


My aha moment: great delivery starts with great content. It’s why my work has attracted innovative disruptors and category pioneers.


But life isn’t all work and no play.


I continue to craft my skills as a storyteller -  writing and producing screenplays and fiction, creating mosaics in my barn art studio, and enjoying nature with my ginormous rescue pups on 10-acres of woodland in the heart NC.

Who's this guy?

Meet Cosmo, one of my rescue pups from Sierra Pacific Great Pyrenees Rescue and Sadie’s BFF. (Our other rescue pup.) This organization works tirelessly on a shoestring and has been a part of our ongoing giving campaigns. In addition, I support Rising International, which empowers abused women, domestically and around the globe, to end the cycle of poverty. Over the past two years, it’s been my honor to support local women in pivoting their individual story from victimhood to surviving heroine.