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I’m a communications coach with deep experience guiding smart people to share more meaningful information that accelerates a goal.

My journey has taken me from content to delivery with positions in branding, public relations, marketing, communications consulting, and more than 20 years as an executive coach for companies like Adobe, Clorox (during a leadership change), Facebook, Google, Logitech, MARs, Stitch Fix, and Walmart Labs.


During my career, I’ve collaborated with C-suite leaders, start-up founders and venture capital teams to find an authentic voice and develop skills needed to share an organization's impact and tackle keynotes at industry forums, TED, and Davos.

I've stood in your shoes


I believe sharing your whole self can make you an outstanding leader and speaker. 

I believe it’s essential to hone a point of view, personalize information and feel inspired by your own material.


I relish walking my own talk and saving other people from the school of hard knocks. 


To date, I’ve been a paid speaker, moderator and given keynotes in front of 1000s. 

Here are a few things I’ve been and done not listed in any bio.
  • The creator of the Work in Progress Art & Story Studios retreat center in Pittsboro, NC

  • A dog lover and rescuer of two Great Pyrenees

  • An award-winning olive oil producer – all proceeds went to the Great Pyrenees rescue

  • A mosaic artist

  • Author of Wabi Sabi at Work

  • An improv and stand-up comedy student

  • A web series writer and producer

  • A runner and swimmer

  • An ecology lover and global traveler 


Work in progress
retreat center

Who are these cuties? 

Meet Cosmo, one of my rescue pups from Sierra Pacific Great Pyrenees Rescue and Sadie’s BFF. (Our other rescue pup.) This organization works tirelessly on a shoestring and has been a part of our ongoing giving campaigns. 

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