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Elevating Executive Presence:

A Guide for Communications Pros

Join us on June 11th at 12pm PDT/3pm EDT for a session on Elevating Executive Presence with thought leadership and executive presence consultant Whitney Greer.


Whitney, who has coached top C-Suite leaders at organizations such as StitchFix, UNICEF, and Clorox, will share how she elevates executive presence even in the toughest cases.

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How often have you given great counsel to a C-Suite leader only to have them go off-road or fall flat?

At one time this would have been a matter of damage control; yet with geo-political, DEI, and reputation landmines around every corner, the stakes are higher now than ever before.

Elevated executive presence – the ability to authentically step up with confidence and charisma while under pressure – can be learned.

But it goes beyond telling someone what they need to do.

What you'll take away:

How to dive deeper than the typical barriers of low confidence and high ego and learn to support senior leaders to:

  • Connect with an authentic purpose

  • Tap into the emotion that connects with key audiences, from boards to potential customers

  • Transform delivery from dull to dynamic with easy content shifts

  • Deliver authentically and impactfully without being performative

In addition, I’ll answer specific questions about upcoming scenarios in which you’re called to make change, or past situations where you’re trying to understand what happened.

Couldn't join us live on 6/11?

Download the slides below:

Whitney_Greer_Headshot [Edited].png

About  Whitney Greer

My favorite part of what I do is seeing possibilities with my clients, for my clients.

When someone shares a deep truth—something they have utter conviction in—I get goosebumps. After all the research, interviews, and ideation, it’s the physical barometer that tells me we’re on their right path.

During my career, I’ve had the privilege of empowering and fostering big visions with media innovators, scientists introducing breakthroughs, game-changing tech pioneers, and organizations starting movements to advance humankind. I’ve prepared their leaders for Davos, speaking at the UN, Shark Tank, and for their Bloomberg profiles. To get them there, I co-created thought leadership platforms they could confidently and effectively stand on.

Today, you can find me on both coasts. I have a base in Portland and another in North Carolina, where I host creative thinkers at a community retreat space called Work in Progress Art & Story Studios. It's a wooded paradise I share with my spouse and my Great Pyrenees, Sadie.

That said, the world is my home and traveling through it is my joy.



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Join us on June 11th at 12pm PDT/3pm EDT and learn how to create lasting transformation for both executives and their companies.

Reserve your spot:

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