But they don’t.

That’s why you’re here.

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"We engaged Whitney to prepare key leaders as they transitioned into new roles and gained greater visibility with employees, our investors, and board. She also played an intrinsic role in helping us shape our sustainability story as it played out across multiple communications channels. Not only is Whitney insightful and creative, she’s also someone who our teams respond well to and enjoy working with."


Duncan Gillis, CEO BBB Industries


Why spend the money to develop an Elevated Brand Narrative when you know your product cold?


Let me count the ways:


Your company is more than a product or a litany of events. It’s an elegant telling of vision, values, and accomplishments.


If you want to stop the features leapfrog and stand on something you believe in that’s evergreen;

Attract talent that stays with you during missteps and downturns;

And score more funding for your startup;


To be inspiring, you must first be inspired.


That’s why we start with your purpose, passion, and natural communication strengths. Then we’ll work on bringing your best self to the fore and eliminate distracting habits. 


Then we’ll tackle that hard-to-reach spot between the scripted word and delivering authentically with a clear point of view. 


Then learning how to flex your presentation skills to inspire and activate an audience in any setting -- whether making a guest appearance on a podcast, navigating a panel, moderating one, or inspiring an audience as a keynote presenter.




"Thanks to Whitney's guidance and candid feedback, I felt prepared for a talk I recently gave at a conference. Our rehearsals improved my storytelling techniques and gave me the energy I needed to capture the audience into my journey. We also worked on my posture and how to project my voice to exude confidence on stage. Our sessions were on Zoom which worked perfectly. On the day of my talk, the public laughed at my anecdotes and stayed engaged throughout. Working with Whitney was a huge help and I'd love to work with her again ahead of my next public speaking event."


Laïla von Alvensleben, Head of Culture and Collaboration


  • 15 min

"Whitney’s offsite planning sessions are like mini-vacations where we talk, laugh, and play, then realize we’ve been working the whole time. She never fails to help us achieve real insights, inspired ideas, and an actionable plan at the end. That’s why we keep going back."


 Kathryn Grandy, CMO, Proprietary Variety Management 



Fostering a productive conversation, working through different viewpoints, and enjoying the process is only the beginning of a good facilitation. Real success comes from meeting intentions while experiencing deep appreciation for your team and community building.


Here are a few of the custom facilitations I offer:


  • Vision & Mission

  • Team Building & Troubleshooting

  • Campaign planning