Transformative story building 

Why spend the money to develop an Elevated Brand Narrative when you know your product cold?


Let me count the ways:


Your company is more than a product or a litany of events. It’s an elegant mash-up of vision, values, and accomplishments.


If you want to stop the features leapfrog and stand on something you believe in that’s evergreen;

Attract talent that stays with you during missteps and downturns;

And score more funding for your startup;

Then a 360 of your Story with a complete set of communications and content recommendations is your step.

Ready to take that step?

the MediaLab: Work the message

There's a hard-to-reach spot between FAQs/messaging and sitting in the interview hot seat, where you can own your company’s business story in your own words, from your role’s POV—all while knowing how to answer the tough questions. 


The Medialab will get you there. It was created as a collaborative place to drill down into your thought leadership and key messages, establish guardrails, strengthen positioning language, hash out answers to landmine questions, and nail down speakable answers that advance your business goals. 


Ready to create a team hive mind?

Bees at Work
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Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

Relax. You’re covered. 


With 1:1 coaching, and consultation, I can show you how to share the story you want, navigate landmine questions and turn muddled messaging into stories that serve a big purpose. You will learn how to:


  • Build a strong pivot story

  • Have authentic human conversations with media, venture, and prospects 

  • Master the art of moving building connection and holding attention 

  • Build trust and confidence even while delivering difficult news or fielding hard questions remotely

Like a HIIT fitness workout, executive media coaching sessions are high-intensity workouts customized to get you and your business story in shape —whether it’s a journalist meet-and-greet for a launch, or a pressure-cooker interview around your most challenging social issues.  

I emphasize making human connections that serve you over time, rather than a series of one-off transactions. 

And teach you how to guide the conversation without sounding like a politician; how to tease out what’s working with your style while eliminating distractions and language that derails positioning.  

I believe in teaching people to fish for continuous self-improvement. That’s why I'll arm you with a written recap and video footage. So you can set your next goal and meet it.  

When you need to figure out your positioning, create new messaging, or test your story, presentation, or pitch deck for primetime, but everyone's perspective is myopic, who you gonna call?  

An outsider with an inside perspective. 

I'll help you pivot effectively and create bridge strategies that connect where you’ve been to where you want to go.